Astra Nova

Astra Nova is working title for game we are working on. Right now project is in it’s infancy stage. I have created rough design document, and started implementation of most basic framework features, that I am sure, will be needed. My current goal is creation of working prototype. At the same time I am learning 3d graphics, to create models. What I’m trying to crate is a space game, where you, as a ship captain, create your own empire by trading, doing missions and fighting bad (or good) guys. There were many games like that, but what I want to make it in RTS style, not a simulator, and this changes whole gameplay.

Right now I have implemented basic combat and movement, and am In the middle of creating routines to move between star systems, which involves good object management. Desing of this part is done, just have to finish implementing it.

Next part involves trading. For now I just want to create market mechanics, that may not be accessible to player, but I have to test my idea of market, production and trade.

Here is first model that I have created. This is small transport ship that will be used in the game.