Every project requires funding. Right now I work full time as Senior Java Developer and finance my game development this way. But, as a friend of mine has suggested, it would be good to find another source of income, possibly more passive one. As I have some skills in programming and in model creation I have decided to try to monetize on those skills. The plan is, to build a small portfolio of 3d models, build Unity Asset packages around them, and try to sell them. Unity suggest, that having enough assets in their store, may allow to fund complete game project. I will see if that is the truth.

The plan is to create different types of assets and to see if they will sell. Right now I have 2 space ship models, and want to create a bit furniture, as it should be quite easy. We will see what will be result.

If this works really well, maybe I will be able to live of that, or perhaps hire someone to help me with development.

First step will be to do some paperwork. As I am currently not registered for VAT-EU, I can not sell anything abroad, legally that is. If everything goes smooth, I should be able to sell first models in 2-3 weaks.

Here is first model: