We are a small development studio. Right now one person working full time for other companies, but after hours trying to create new, amazing game world. This blog is to show, what I have.

Who am I?

I am full stack Java developer with over 10 years of experience. I have been part of many projects, and have worked on almost every part of application starting with gathering requirements, analytical, technical and user documentation, build automation, … backend… frontend. The thing is, that I have always wanted to create “worlds”. I have created great world with custom mechanics for my RPG group, but that was not exactly what I had in mind.

Game design was always something had my interest. I learned Maya when I was getting my degree, I have attended game design lessons, read lots of books, but in the end, I have ended up as a Senior Java Developer working for banks and telecommunication companies. As my passion for games, have never vanished, a few years ago, I have tried to create small studio with a group of friends, this was 2008, and as quickly as it has started, as quickly it ended.

Right now I am trying to create a great game working after hours, and hope, that one day it will be a game, I would like to play.

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